Saturday, December 3, 2011

This scenario has happened to me more than once. I had  a "friend" call me and say "I need you to make a decision now." Me~ UMMM what decision? "I need to know that you are comfortable with me getting married." Me~ Dude really? You have been dating her for two years. What does my decision have to do with your wedding? "If you want to be with me I need to know". Me~ HAAAAAAAAAAA! You will be divorced in a few years if your already looking for a cop out and that is very fucked up to bring me in the middle to help you make a decision. "I know you want to be married and I would happily marry you if you want to be with me" Me~ Honey, this sounds like a high school conversation. Please dont bring up what I want bc I hate to inform you that I can have many choices of men, I choose a particular brand that does not exist. I dont mean any harm in saying this but what do you have to offer me. "I inherited a lot when my grandparents died" AGAIN I SAY>>>WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER ME...dude I love you, you are a friend. If you ever need a ride bc your drunk, call me. Should anything happen when you need a throwback friend call me, I do not mind. I do mind the fact you have just now made me feel like shit. Thank you for reminding me our birthday is coming up and once again another friend is marrying off and when this happens this will more than likely be our last conversation. It hurts my feelings to know I am loosing another friend. I hung up. 

This happened to me before. This is the third time. :/

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