Thursday, December 8, 2011

I swear, trying to fix my online appearance with one of my companies is a bitch. I requested to please remove all pics and i will update them immediately. The response I get back is "photos are hard to remove once in the system"


Yeah my bad, I didnt realize that I could never edit my gallery. 

How are photos hard to remove?

What they dont realize is yes you have members but they are jacking off to my pics. Neither one of us are making profit from a free jack attack.

I will start uploading a different version of pictures. Eyeball, half of my face, fully clothed in jeans maybe some roller derby pictures...the ones from practice NOT the bouts when I am in my scantily clad uniform, either way I am a sexy cocky motherfucker so it don't matter I am simply trying to make a dollar out .35 cents.

My vids are already being jacked by the counterfeit gods, go ahead steal my shit, label it different and send traffic our way.  (sarcasm) 

I know that vid jacking would happen sooner or later so that doesnt bother me as much as I cant edit, delete some pics. 

I hate a  free member in a chat room saying I am jacking off to your pictures right now. Nice bro..keep it up. You are a real fan. This is what has my trigger finger going. BAN BITCH

smile cya when I cya

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