Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Love for VanessaDelRio

Is it obvious that I Love VanessaDelRio? YES IT IS.

When I was younger I worked 3rd shift at a "jackshack" and my best friend would come hang out with me for safety reasons. I never watched porn but was very comfortable working in the store..."Snapshots". 

One night Troy asked me why I dont watch porn and my reason was simple..I havent seen anything I like. He went and grabbed a tape and we watched it in the store and I was AMAZED. "OMG Im normal" The look on Troys face was "dear god I have opened a new door" after seeing her videos every night I became obsessed, in love and those are the ONLY videos I would push. We could not keep Vanessa in stock. I constantly would wait for a life size poster of her but they never came. Troy introduced her films to me because he was in love with her.

Troy and I did everything together including watching vids of VanessaDelRio.
We where inseparable...he was 3 years older than me and he was not only my best friend he was my back up in life. He took me to my prom that we never made it to, he came to my high school graduation we hustled the pool table together. He kept assholes away but would perv with me in a joking manner. 

We where pervs..lol thats why we got along so well. Our sexual relationship was funny. We only had sex when we felt like it. We hated to see the other date someone else(that made no sense) We where not together but didnt want to share bc everyday we where together and if someone new came in one of us would suffer.

One day Troy and I where sitting on the couch watching a video and I said to him I am going to meet VannesaDelRio. He rolls his eyes. So the joke for a few years was "Hows Vanessa?" I would roll my eyes. He was mocking me. I hated him sometimes bc we knew it would be impossible for me to ever meet VanessaDelRio and he was kind enough to remind me.

I loved her so much that we got into a pure fight because he broke one of my tapes. We laughed about this fight for a long time because I did give him a black eye and when we finally got the tape out I went and sat like a little kid trying to put it together right and fucked it up more. Since all the aggravation was his fault I threw the BETA (yes I said BETA ) at him so not only did he get a black eye he had a lesion on his forehead.
I searched for that tape and why did all of a sudden her tapes are not available? Those that did have them would not give them up. I was so heartbroken but I still had visions. This woman made me feel normal, my sex drive was normal, my beliefs are normal and yes my pussy is suppose to look like it does.I can have hips big tits and still be sexy. Before I thought only skinny girls got the "good grades"...NEGATIVE..MEN LOVE A NICE JUICY PUSSY ,AND A WOMAN THAT KNOWS HOW TO SUCK THE BRAIN CELLS FROM ONE HEAD TO THE OTHER.  *wink* TY VanessaDelRio!!!!!!!!!!!

Time went on and life went on. Three years ago my best friend was in a motorcycle accident that took his life. I was asked a question...people want to remember the good things and I was asked what was his favorite thing to do..besides playing pool it was porn and he was obsessed with Vanessa..I answered the question "he loved playing pool and his sl 21 stick" when really the true answer is he loves playing pool and we would watch tapes when not at the pool hall...He loved VanessaDelRio." Last summer I went to see pops and we where talking about Troy..(he was his only son so Im all he has left) we where laughing and cutting up and pops reveals to me that when Troy was a young man Pops found him totally getting off to his videos of VanessaDelRio...I was like POPS YOU HAVE TAPES????!!!! Smirks~yes he did. That night I was going to bed and pops came up to my room (well Troys) and handed me a box filled with vanessa and some other crap. My eyes lit up..pops started laughing. I hadnt seen him laugh like that in a very long time. He said to me I want all my tapes do not take them.hehehe. I stayed up watching Vanessa, I talked pops into turning them into DVDs and he did. 

Family reunion comes and everyone is there (for those that dont know..this family pretty much adopted me) Pops walks by and says "oh yeah Have you met Vanessa yet?" I flip him the bird and I said you know what pops I say I will meet her and I will. He laughed because it pissed me off. Troy and I hung around each other so much that we do have a lot of character traits and one is I DO WHAT I SAY and I SAY WHAT I DO. Also we are always right....that caused so many arguments when he was here. 

The other day on Twitter @MrHollaOut mentioned me so I jump on his page bc I swear his profile pic was changed. Going through his pics I see he has @VanessaDelRio....I went crazy! SHE IS ON TWITTER???????!!!!!!!!!!! VanessaDelRio is still around doing her thing! I couldnt sleep and all I wanted was a follow back from THE SEX DIVA of all times. I tweeted out all I want for christmas is a FB from @vanessadelrio..a few ppl RT me and I went to bed smiling but then I thought she will never follow me back I am nobody to her..she has so many fans that she will not see this. I took the smile off my face and went to sleep.(Anytime I want something it never happens). I woke up and my timeline was up, I looked at it and I got the follow back. I called Pops...GUESS WHAT!!! Guess you have to guess...his dumbass says "I knew that was my granddaughter" I said "NO IDIOT, VANESSA DEL RIO virtually friend me on Twitter!" He busted out laughing. I also told him where he can find her live shows...watch him find me too bc we both cam the same site. I sent him all her info because he would love to see her perform live. In two days this woman once again brought laughter and happiness. I told Pops when I go to freshen up the grave Im taking my comp and stomp on the ground and say "I told ya so!!!!!" I tooooooooooooooold you I would meet her...some how, one day and finally I did." 

I know Troy is watching me and he is cracking up. He knows Im obsessed with VanessaDelRio and yes there are other porn stars but really???? She was one of the performers that made you not only want to have sex but watch the tape over again because she is so hot. There will never ever be a another woman in my book that can give it like Vanessa. 

SEXY, SEDUCTRESS, THE MILKSHAKE DOES BRING THE BOYS TO THE YARD. I have had this convo many times via Facebook and Twitter..everyone had something negative to say about every performer I have had a run in with...I simply say look guys these ppl make them think the can lay it on ya and they cant....my fans agree  the porn industry is slacking and its not like it use to be. 


 This is a true porn star. I LOVE VANESSA. 

I wish so bad Troy was here to see my TL and who is on it..I can see him now jumping up and down grabbing his dick saying "No way No way No way" Ha ha yes brotha I did get a fb from VanessadelRio, I feel like its not only for me but for him too :)))))
TY VANESSA ~ you made my Christmas wish come true and this year I had no clue what to ask for until I saw you.

LOL ~Because of VanessaDel Rio I put a lot of men to shame. I have had them back up, like whoah...no one does that. I love anal and for some reason most women do not, that intimidates men. I have no problem flaunting what I have and cracking the whip if needed. I have DDs naturally, I have a juicy meaty wet pussy and an talk to a man so dirty he will cream his jeans. Oh and Im sorry if my clit is bigger than your dick. ha!

I love you Vanessa!


  1. I LOVE VANESSA & FOREVER WILL! EX♥ I'm happy I could bring you virtual happiness. Remember you are going to play fair and share her with others lol¡


    You know I love large clotted women ;)

  2. Thanks for such a lovely post Darlin' I'm really touched by your story ;-)
    U My knida WOMAN xoxo
    Happy HollaDayZ!

  3. I'm trying not to harass her and we keep mentioning her on the twitter :) I did keep my promise NO DMs! LOL Im sure she is a busy woman..but I will share...NO VIDEOS! THEY R MINE!

  4. I meant big clitted women! I love women but I ♥♥♥ meaty clits