Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its my thing MY FETISH

I love tattoos and piercings. I love tats more and usually get them done often in the past 2 years. My guy hasn't been able to see me and on my bday I went somewhere else. Wrong move. The guy scarred me and it looks like a blob on my arm.

Today I went to confess my sins to "E" *We don't have enough time for that* I love his sarcasm.Usually we spend silly holidays tatting and talking shit but he is booked tomorrow and I still have healing from the crap tat. Thursday he will come in on his day off and tat me up, make it presentable. This has caused another fall back in my tats. He is forever fixing someones fuck up. I swear to god I will never cheat on him again. We are still looking for tats to cover the "fillers" a dumb fuck put on my arms. I am not in the business and didn't understand the lingo when "fillers" where placed. They look stupid.

Luckily "E" has done 85% of my work originally.

Tomorrow is Valentines and "E" is tatting customers (as I pray one cancels) so he will receive a dozen roses and a nice perverted card Erika style. I love perving with a sexy older man. :) We will definitely have our fun Thursday but nothing sexual. He knows the sound of the needle puts me to sleep as he chills the wonderful music of Cash.

I love a Classic, well known, easy going tattoo artist.

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