Friday, December 14, 2012

Ok .. a little bummed. WTF happened to FF? Can someone please guide me. Hell, I need a  RT and auto tweet service as well, so I am wanting to pay.  

I need to know which ones are good and which ones suck, I have been searching but hell, lets be honest, this is is really real on twitter? 

I love it bc I can perv my ass off with out getting stoned by the internet church bitches..they can stone me from afar. 

Recommending other pervs and following being followed is a way of life, the new age cyber stalking and feel comfy doing it bc all of us know, especially when following me I LOVE PERVS bc you love to spend money on me , you keep me happy I keep you happy and we are all a happy group of pervs. 

I am on the search for a easy service.... there are enough complications here lol

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